Moto Reflex becomes MKC Moto

Leaving the elaborate dinners behind, we arrive in 2021, which is to be the year.

The good intentions are still there. For us, this means international expansion, and we have some news about that!

From now on, MotoReflex, a renowned motorbike clothing shop in Kortrijk - Belgium - will also fall under our wings as MKC Moto.


By taking over MotoReflex we serve a region that is new to us. It also gives us an extra service point for our webshop customers.

Fortunately, our loyal customers have nothing to fear, because we will maintain the level of service and the familiar faces will also remain.


Before we actually make the transition to MKC Moto, there is still a lot to clean up in Kortrijk.

That's why we have a sale going on in the January month to make room for the latest collections.

As of February, Kortrijk will actually be wearing the flag of MKC Moto.


The store in Kortrijk will continue to cover some 2000 m2 of motorbike clothing, making it the largest supplier in the region and close to the French border.

As a result, the step to the French market will no longer be large.

We would like to welcome you in our new shop from February, or of course earlier to take advantage of the special offers.

Finally! The new website is ready to go online!  'Thanks' to the past weeks of closure of our shop, we were able to work hard on the new website.  And now it is finally ready to go online. uses cookies. By continuing to browse, you consent to our use of cookies.